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The Secret of a Perfect Coffee

Do you feel you can’t get yourself started in the morning till you’ve had your cup(s) of coffee? You’re not alone, to be sure! But have you wondered why so? Is it caffeine that gives the kick or it’s rather a psychological trick? Probably both! Many of us could make our body more active and ready for action just by

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The Politics of Chinese Herbs

Would one be correct in thinking that designing an herbal formula is simply a matter of blending a few herbs together? Not quite correct. With your permission, I will endeavor to enlighten you on this point. Devising an herbal formula is a complex process which requires much more than thinking symptomatically and merely blending herbs together. It’s sort of like

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Chinese Herbs in a Nutshell

If you know a few things about Chinese herbs, then the title might give you a giggle as you well know that not even the tip of the iceberg can be touched in a few hundred words article. Well, I’m fully aware of that! So, let’s think of this as an intro to the magic kingdom of Chinese herbs. They

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