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There are many types of far infrared saunas, and I did the research for you to bring you the safest one. I brought this service into my practice because I experienced life-changing benefits from using it myself.

Sweating was the very thing that would help me heal, but I didn’t seem to do much of it, even when exercising. After doing a number of far infrared sauna sessions, my sweating improved and even better, my body temperature normalized as well. That was nothing short of a miracle for me, since I had always complained of feeling cold. 

What are the benefits of far infrared sauna sessions?

The benefits of sweating may seem like the trendy new thing, but in reality, sweating in saunas or steam rooms have been around for a long time.

An infrared sauna produces heat through electromagnetic radiation heaters. The temperature ranges from 120 degrees F to 157 degrees F. They heat the air around the person and it helps raise the core body temperature, which results in the many health benefits associated with infrared heat.

With infrared sauna technology you can:

  • Detoxify for radiant health
  • Relax for better sleep and mood
  • Purify your skin for better confidence and a favorable mental outlook
  • Relieve unwanted pain to enjoy more of your life
  • Increase circulation for better overall well-being

Safest type of wood for an infrared sauna

infrared saunaOur medical-grade infrared sauna is beautifully crafted from Grade-A Canadian Hemlock. It is important that the wood used in a sauna does not emit any scents such as the ones we associate with a cedar chest or closet. These types of scents contain fragrances like cedrene and terpineol that can affect our health negatively. Grade-A Canadian Hemlock is hypoallergenic, free of resin and fragrance, and strong enough to accept screws and nails, which in turn reduces the amount of glue necessary for construction. This makes it the leading choice for an infrared sauna.

Infrared sauna with Ultra Low EMF

Our sauna features 6 BioPhotonics Nano-Carbon™ 0.3 Ultra Low EMF emitters specifically designed so that your body has the least amount of EMF exposure during sauna use. You will be able to sit back and de-stress with the comfort of knowing our infrared sauna is safe and effective.

Equipped with Chromotherapy (light therapy)

Our sauna also provides you Chromotherapy (light therapy), a type of vibrational therapy that can directly affect your energy and emotional well-being. Chromotherapy can also be helpful for people suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

Ambient music and available shower

You also have the option to listen to music while you sweat out. Afterward you may choose to refresh in our on-site shower facility.

Why should these features matter to you? The main reason for getting into an infrared sauna is for detoxification. You don’t want to sit in a space that will outgas toxins or allergens during the heating and cooling of the sauna. Find more information regarding safety certification of our infrared sauna

Infrared therapy is highly beneficial to your mind, body, and spirit. There are multiple advantages to having sessions in an infrared sauna a couple of times a week. It helps maintain overall excellent health, reduces and controls stress, and allows for a peaceful night’s rest. When you are healthy, relaxed and well-rested, you enjoy a happier attitude and a better outlook on life.