EFT (tapping) Session

$95.00 $85.00

EFT for immediate stress relief and healing.

  • ONLINE 45-minute session
  • I will help you identity what is the best issue/statement to work on
  • We will tap for one or more issues within each session
  • You’ll also learn the process of tapping so you can do it on your own
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EFT (emotional freedom technique) is tapping on acupuncture points to help with sleep issues, anxiety, pain, stress, and more. I have used EFT for personal care for years now. It’s my emergency go-to tool when I spin around in my head, I am in pain (physical or emotional), or I am upset about something.

EFT changes lives. It is using your words in combination with tapping certain acupuncture points.

Once we go through a few sessions (or even just one session at times), my patients may start to use it on their own as needed for healing.

It is particularly useful when we feel anxious, or we can’t fall asleep, since it’s a technique that once learned, it can be done on your own and anywhere. I have literally done it while in my bed and unable to fall asleep, while walking my dog, in the bathroom, in an airplane, etc.