Functional Medicine Consult

$250.00 $175.00

Let’s work on finding the root cause to help you heal.

  • ONLINE 75-minute appointment
  • I will assess your health issues
  • I will work on finding the root cause of why you are not well
  • I will educate you in lifestyle changes to improve your health
  • I will offer recommended testing, supplements, and herbs based on your
  • Includes a follow-up email listing my recommendations, for easy reference
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Health coaching through functional medicine is essential for improving your health long-term. Once we assess what your concerns are, we will identify how you got to where you are in your health; and what happened along the way that led to the health issues you have today.

The healing process oftentimes starts with lifestyle changes, nutrition improvements based on your individual needs, and supplementation with herbs and/or supplements. Since stress plays a large role in most health issues, we look for ways to diminish the stress, so your body can get a break and start the healing process.

My health coaching also incorporates principles and techniques from Chinese Medicine. For example, a large part of Chinese medicine includes nutritional advice.