The Secret of Preventing Common Colds / Healing your Insomnia with Acupuncture

We are all exposed to many different viruses, but with proper rest and support our bodies can often fight them off.

The immune system recharges while sleeping, so if you toss and turn the whole night and don’t get good quality sleep, your system may not be getting the boost that it needs.

Many people have a lot of trouble sleeping and through acupuncture we can help to support a healthy sleep cycle for optimum immune function.

By treating your insomnia with acupuncture you strengthen your immune system, which translates into fewer and/or shorter colds

Here is an acupuncture point that is helpful in insomnia and can be used as an acupressure point (without needles!). ~click to tweet this

Acupuncture point for insomnia and sleep

The red acupuncture point is Anmian “peaceful sleep point”. The next time you have trouble sleeping, find this powerful point.  First, find the hollow at the back of your neck, near the skull, on the outside of the trapezius muscle. Then find a point just behind the earlobe. Anmian is located halfway between those two points, along the border of the skull.  Press into this point with your thumbs.

While pressing, visualize your body from toe to head, gradually relaxing every muscle. This exercise should take about 10 minutes and hopefully by that time you are deep asleep, and your immune system is vigorously preparing for another fall day.

Peaceful sleep is my wish for you. This sleep acupuncture point can become your bed buddy – right there for you when you need it. ~click to tweet this


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