What 20 Seconds Of Courage Can Do For You

I recently watched the movie “We Bought A Zoo” and I was moved to tears as I watched the scene where the father tells his children that this is all it takes- 20 seconds of insane, crazy, mind-blowing, heart-bursting courage– and our life can be changed forever.

What is it for you?  What have you always wished to do and always thought that you couldn’t?  What if today you chose one of those things, and just did it?  Talk to the neighbor you’ve always wanted to, make that phone call, post something outrageous on Facebook.  See what happens.  Will the world end?  No, most likely it will open in incredible ways.

I see this happening with my patients.  They make the decision to invest in their health.  As weeks go by, they come back to my acupuncture treatments and they report how their life has changed on so many different planes.  Yes, they are sleeping better, they are having less pain, they are less anxious.  They feel the magic in their life again.  They find that they have more energy and passion about writing in their blog, they find more joy in their work, they have the power to let go of the past and talk to their partner about things that could be better.

And this is how I know that I have the best job in the world.  Because my patients bring me the most joy.  And they have changed my life.

You know that your must be doing something right when you spread happiness around you. ~click to tweet this

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