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Are you struggling with any of these insomnia symptoms?


I am anxious just thinking about sleep and dread the evening


I feel like I have to do everything perfect in the evening, then maybe I will fall asleep

Humming sensations

I feel like a humming sensation through my body in the evening when I can't sleep

Light sleep

I toss and turn all night and sometimes feel like I didn’t sleep at all

Waking up early

I wake up way too early in the morning and can't go back to sleep

Hot flashes

I wake up with night sweats or hot flashes, then I can’t go back to sleep for hours

Experience & Specialization

Practicing for over 10 years, with a specialty in sleep disorders and associated symptoms such as anxiety

Knowledge & Care

Combining Chinese medicine with Functional medicine to help you heal your insomnia and sleep well again


It takes more than experience and knowledge to help someone; you will be heard and seen

Holistic Care

Offering support and true holistic care so you can deeply heal and develop long-term wellness

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