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If you are sleep deprived, tired and cranky...

...I get it. Every day I talk to frustrated sleep deprived patients. • Is it the fatigue and frustration of being up in the middle of the night? • Or the anxiety driven evenings and feeling wired? • Or perhaps you are thinking maybe it’s hormonal... but really, you have no idea what is going on, you just want to sleep! • Most likely insomnia comes along with a bunch of what seems "unrelated" health issues. Everything is connected in the body. This is both good and bad. The bad news is that I can't just give you an herb or a pill to make it all better, because it is all a bit more complex than that. The good news is that once I figure out what is wrong at the root level, sleep issues along with your other symptoms tend to get better, in chunks. We are treating the sleep and then you notice your anxiety is better, your digestive issues are better, your libido is better. Let's talk to see if and how I can help you.

Testimonials from patients

  • I’d experienced severe insomnia for almost a decade and tried everything, researching constantly. It took a few visits, but the deep calm relaxation created by Damiana during treatments soon translated into better and better sleep. It’s been almost a year now and I’m so much better. Like a miracle!

    Laurie A. Williams Hall from a Facebook review
  • I decide to go to Damiana after I had tried everything else to get a solid nights rest, even sleeping drugs weren't working. I knew going into this I had to be patient with results. After about 7-8 sessions I noticed that my trend was sleeping through the night more often then not! This felt great, because life without sleep is horrible torture. From session 9 on (first 12 sessions you can get a discount if you buy a 12 session pack) I was sleeping through the night or just limited wake periods; this was huge for me. I continued for another 6 sessions and now I sleep through the night soundly with very limited wake sessions. I would considered this a huge shift! I am extremely grateful for what Damiana has done for me and I would highly and widely recommend her to anyone with sleep issues!

    Brett Ochs from a Facebook review
  • I first visited Damiana to try and get some treatment for long term insomnia in 2014. Previously, I had gone through various treatment protocols to no avail. I was both exhausted and demoralized. Damiana immediately made me feel more calm and relaxed and hopeful about finally getting some sleep. Damiana is incredibly painstaking in getting to the root of sleep problems while always being positive and calm. As well as using acupuncture, she enlists her connections and knowledge to sleuth the possible causes of a sleep problem. Over the last two years my sleep has improved a lot, and I feel calmer and more emotionally balanced. I am a difficult case but Damiana never stopped trying different approaches and investigating alternative options. Finally, Damiana helped me secure an overnight sleep study, which revealed a relatively uncommon sleep disorder. I have never encountered a health profession who shows this much commitment to her patients and practices with such attention to detail. Damiana is also incredibly sensitive, empathetic and compassionate – exactly what someone who is in a state of low sleep needs. Damiana never gave up on solving my sleep problems, even though I had, and I incredibly grateful to her.

    Jane Palmer from a Google review
  • Damiana truly worked magic for me. I had been suffering from insomnia for 15 years and had resorted to daily sleep medication just to get a passable number of hours. In just three months working with Damiana, I have completely cut medication out of my nightly routine and am sleeping better than I was with the medication before. Now I have more energy, focus, and general enjoyment each and every day.

    Jess Markt from a Google review

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While you have had it with this nightmare called "trying to sleep", I want to know all about your sleep issues and I geek out on figuring out how to help you. I am an acupuncturist specializing in sleep disorders in Boulder, CO. I work at my center, Corca Center for Sleep and Radiant Health.
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