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General Hours

Mon-Fri | 9am to 5pm

Long distance functional medicine coaching start with FILLING OUT THIS FORM.

Initial session process

We will reach out to you once we review the form. Once approved please fill out in advance the paperwork we send you.

Paperwork has to be filled out 48 hours prior to the appointment so I can review it and be prepared for our appointment.

The initial intake is complex and time consuming, but very important for our initial session. It will give me lots of information that otherwise would take away from the time we have in the initial session.

Payment is collected prior to the session through the accounting system called QuickBooks. I prefer bank transfer, but accept credit and debit cards as well. You will be receiving a link in email to complete the payment.

Previous laboratory testing

If you have previous labs, especially labs done within the last year, please fax them before our initial appointment so I can review them. The fax number is 303-389-6954. If you don’t have access to a fax, let me know and I will let you know how you can send them securely.

After the initial session

The initial session will be followed by an email follow-up and plan. The plan will be based on your history and the findings in the initial intake.

Most patients need additional laboratory testing. Kits will be shipped directly to your house. Once they’re received and your samples are collected, you will ship them back to the lab and pay the fee directly to them.

For bloodwork, I typically suggest that you work with your local medical doctor. This will encourage integrative care and also some of these tests may be covered by your insurance. Most insurance plans have a free wellness checkup per year (not subject to your deductible) and include useful bloodwork.

Once results are back in, we will have the first follow up session to review them all and draw up a plan.

With some patients, I am able to make suggestions related to lifestyle and nutrition during the first session, before the lab results are in.

Insomnia program

If you have insomnia I will follow most of the same steps above, however, if appropriate for your case, we may work together weekly over video. The video sessions are focused on doing a check in, reviewing your sleep log and teaching two to five acupressure points to use at home, daily, over the following week.

This program is 12 weeks long and it starts after the second session when we have all the initial lab results. For more questions about this program and to see if it’s the right program for you, schedule a complimentary appointment.