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Are you doing all the right things and you are still not losing weight? Evidence shows that sleeping well is as important as exercising or a balanced diet.

For some people losing weight is a constant battle. There are many different ways of losing weight and every individual has different needs.

  1. Leptin and ghrelin are hormones that check and balance your appetite. These hormones are secreted at night and an imbalance in these two hormones will increase your appetite.
  2. Cortisol level is increased when not sleeping well and puts us in a fight-and-flight mode where the body is told to store as much fat as possible, because of the perceived notion of danger.
  3. Carbohydrates metabolize slower with lack of sleep, insulin is increased and the body is signaled to store more fat.
  4. Muscle micro-tears that happen during workout heal at night while sleeping, which leads to muscle growth.
  5. In Chinese medicine, falling asleep between 9pm and 11pm is ideal because the triple-burner energy is working hard to absorb, metabolize, transform food into nutrients, and get rid of waste. Those hours are times when your body is most tired so sleeping is the best way to get out of the way and let your body recover.
  6. Gall bladder and liver work the most between 11pm and 3am.  Among the problems that result from gall bladder and liver imbalances are digestive disorders, connective tissue and bone problems, mood and reproductive issues; all of which can influence weight control from the Chinese medicine perspective.
  7. Lung time is 3 to 5 am, which regulates your life energy, oxygen, and water metabolism. Water metabolism is crucial for proper function of the large intestine, which promptly follows from 5 to 7 am.
  8. If you’ve ever talked or lived with a sleep deprived person you know that they are most likely to be the more irritable, anxious, snappy version of themselves. Emotional eating comes sudden, even when already full, and the choices are usually poor.
  9. People predisposed genetically to gaining weight can lose weight not by eating less but by sleeping more, a study says.
  10. Another study shows that sleep deprived individuals can eat to up to 500 more calories than people who get enough sleep.

Regardless of the changes you are making in your life, everyone will benefit from good, healthy sleep.

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